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Message for single women: Don't overlook dating blue-collar men. Blue-collar men can be the best mates of all

December 01, 2016

Some women (not members of this group) have told me they want to meet and fall in love with a successful white-collar guy. A doctor, dentist, lawyer or Fortune 500 company CEO would fit the bill nicely. Some have even gone so far to say that any less of a profession would be settling for them.


It seems with the shortage of men as we climb the age ladder that this is a short-sighted attitude. There are some pretty terrific guys out there who don't fall into the above categories. Many work in blue-collar jobs. Don’t overlook dating blue-collar men.

A Champ is concerned about her younger brother who has been dumped twice by women he loves. He needs to make a list of the qualities in a mate that are important.

October 31, 2016

Why is a sister's concern about a 32-year-old brother a topic when the title of the newsletter is "Finding Love After 50?"


Note from Tom: At the end of today’s column, I have added the responses received from our subscribers. You will likely enjoy reading them.

Because, at our age, relationships aren't just about finding love for ourselves. They are about loving family members and friends and stepping up to help them when they face adversity. Most of us have helped a sibling get through a difficult time and/or a sibling has helped us. Such is the case with Shannon, Colorado, who is worried about her brother, but wonders if it's time he moves on with his life.

Know your qualities in a mate

October 16, 2016

Today’s story is a reminder of the importance of knowing your qualities in a mate that are important to you when seeking love.


Bev said, "A little over two years ago I got ‘dumped’ by the first boyfriend I had had in 13 years. I did everything wrong, as if no time had passed between my series of bad relationships in my twenties and thirties and when I dated him."  


Bev continued: "I worshiped him, something I had promised myself I was NOT going to do ever again when I was 38 and freshly out of a relationship breakup.

Make a written list of the must-have qualities in a mate

October 02, 2016

In September, 2016, a senior single woman emailed, “Three years ago, I believed I had met the love of my life. We were and are still two good people who had a great chemistry that allowed me to override a couple of incompatibility issues that I saw from the beginning of our relationship. I didn’t understand the must-have qualities in a mate that were critical to me.


The issues were nothing horrible, bad or ugly--just must-have qualities that I disregarded. Everyone must make compromises but compromises are really a trade agreement. I will do this if you do this, for example.

Visiting Too Many Bars

September 18, 2016

Last week, I asked for your opinion about the Orange County, CA. woman who had been on 50 dates, visited every bar in OC, and got bored with all of the men after two or three dates. Fifty of you responded with great emails, many of which will be featured in today's newsletter. Thanks for participating.

Regarding the Orange County, California, woman who can't find Mr. Wonderful, here's what many of you said.

Where is Mr. Wonderful?

September 18, 2016

I need your help with today’s story. What would you tell this woman who is 50 and considers herself to be “a tall, attractive and intelligent blonde, educated with a quick wit and an outrageous sense of humor?” Here’s additional background information she provided.

“I have been single for 15 years, raising kids. Now they are grown. I’ve had my profile on for two years. I have gone on over 50 dates with many quality men, but no one interests me for longer than two or three dates.

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