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Inspiring Testimonials: Real Stories of Love and Life After 50

Discover the heartwarming stories of our readers who have found companionship, romance, and inspiration through our e-newsletters and shared their experiences with us. These testimonials highlight the positive impact of our resources, advice, and insights on the lives of singles over 50. From travel adventures to dating advice, our e-newsletters provide support and encouragement for those navigating the world of love and life after 50.

(February 22, 2019) “I have known Tom longer than our time on Facebook. He is always an inspiration to hundreds of people, especially for those seeking to find romance, companionship or just a little reminder that they still matter, when they always have. Tom provides what all of us with a human soul desire and need to have from time to time—hope. In ourselves, for the future and with others.”




(February 9, 2019) “Looking at the old photos from Victoria Station that you posted. You had that John Denver look. You have had an exciting and interesting life. Thanks for sharing with all of us.”




(February 6, 2019) “Your e-Newsletter is always on point!!! We all appreciate the issues that are covered.”




(February 6, 2019) “I enjoy your e-Newsletters very much and look forward to your Friday edition. Than you so much for all you do and all you put into it; it’s wonderful to read.”




(February 2, 2019) ”Wow, Tom!! Thanks for the information about the Senior Move Managers.  I am not ready for a move, but I seriously need to downsize due to physical limitations. This has been the most valuable thing I've received online in at least a year, because I've been stressing over how to find someone to help me, and now there is a resource and even Specialists in my area - So helpful.”




(January 25, 2019) “Just read your eNewsletter about downsizing and De-cluttering. Thank you for all the thoughtful topics that you present.”




(January 18, 2019) “There’s a saying from the world of sports that fits very well with your advice to the Champs about putting themselves out there to date.



Let me - ruefully - remind you of the classic coach’s admonition: ‘You’re gonna miss every shot you don’t take.’ Looking back, some of the greatest regrets of my life are the women I thought about dating, but never made a move on”




(January 17, 2019) “I and ten other men, between the ages of 65 - 85 (and alive) get together for coffee every so often. Sometimes, a lot of the time, some of your stuff comes up because we are fans. Sometimes we agree and others times we don't agree, or we are divided. Keep up the good work.”




(January 12, 2019) “I always enjoy sharing in your travels, partly because I see the wonderful relationship that you two have. I also want to say that you enrich so many lives with your present work with the newsletter, and I'm sure that your readers all support you in our hearts.”




(January 5, 2019) “I have followed you for almost 20 years, yikes! I was 50 then now approaching 70 and love your e-Newsletter. I relocated from east coast to the west, so where are the men here in Seattle?”




(January 4, 2019) "What a wonderful newsletter to start off the New Year. May you and Greta continue to be blessed in 2019."




(December 21, 2018) “Welcome Home and Merry Christmas to you and Greta! Fabulous tour blog. Thank you.



My best friend from college (1971) and I got side-by-side studio condos at Napili Shores and ate every breakfast at The Gazebo - in November, 2015. Great to see it featured."

Bonnie/ former Victoria Station employee



(December 15, 2018) “One of your best newsletters yet!!! I loved hearing the story of Mark’s parents in Pago Pago, American Samoa. How comforting to him it must be to know their wish of having his mother next to his father fulfilled and verified by you and Greta personally must be!! Safe travels home. ”




(December 14, 2018) “And for all the special things you and Greta do, going out of your way for people, that is why we love you both. Thanks for sharing.”




(December 7, 2018) “Awesome travel blog and pictures on your 82-day cruise. Well done!”




(November 15, 2018) “Thanks Tom for your great travel e-Newsletter. If it makes some sad-well life is sad. Life is not a ‘success only’ journey. I’m a widow and have no one to travel with. My one divorced woman friend died 2 years ago of a brain tumor. I am afraid to travel alone but it doesn't prevent me for being happy for those that can and do travel.”




(November 10, 2018) “I enjoy your travel logs along with the On Life and Love after 50 e-Newsletter. My brother is 74 and my sister-in-law is 77 and they have been around the world many times. I'm 70 and also don't have a man in my life but will travel alone if I want to. I retired last March and so far I am just doing my thing. Keep up the good work.”




(November 10, 2018) “I have never written you before, but I am so tired of hearing everyone complain about everything these days!  I am of the opinion that you could stand on your head and spit out $100.00 dollar bills and still not make everyone happy!  If reading about travels makes a person unhappy........THEN DON 'T READ THE ARTICLE!  Should we expect everyone to stop getting married because we are alone and hearing about it makes us sad? Baloney! I gravitate towards positive people and try to stay away from people who tend to be negative. 




(November 9, 2018)  “I LOVE your articles about travel!!!  Reading your articles is a choice and if people don't like them they may choose to not read them.  I look forward to hearing about your travels as you and Greta travel in a method just as I like to travel. You do hop on hop off buses, and make your own arrangements instead of taking ship tours.  It's also helpful for me as it gives me insight as to what to do when I travel to those places in the future.


“Keep on writing those articles!!!  Have a fun and safe trip.”




(October 7, 2018) “I always enjoy the newsletter, including insights and perspectives. I'll be 80 next month, but regularly told I "look" younger. Well, recently a local man reached out after seeing a FB pic of me. After asking a mutual friend about me, he called."




(October 7, 2018) “Thank you for the newsletter. This is the second one I have received. I find the information interesting. I have been divorced, remarried and widowed."




(October 7, 2018) “Keep up your work/newsletters. You help more than you can possibly know....just the fact that you write and show concern for your readers and are willing to write them anytime...really is a good thing."




(October 7, 2018) "Your newsletters are very helpful and informative, and I think you are doing great service for all of us readers/subscribers with your insights and advice. (You see, I have no problem being called a subscriber.)"




(August 19, 2018) “Tom you are consistently a person of integrity and it shows in everything you say and the way you write this e-Newsletter. I'd like to meet a guy like you!



“Thank You for all you do for us every week.”




(May 18, 2018) “Another amazing article by our friend, Tom Blake, a Jacksonite (Jackson, Michigan), now living in Dana Point, California. Tom's resources seem to be endless. Everyone needs to read the book one of his Champs recommended in today’s eNewsletter (How 50 Couples Found Love After 50).



“Amazing article and he does it every week, like clockwork.”




(May 4, 2018) “I have never written to you but today’s article just ‘struck me!!’  Your love and passion for Willie Nelson is what life is about. We need to have something just for us! And we are the only ones who can make that happen. Your happiness was popping out in all corners!


“Thanks for your faithfulness in writing these articles. I am a widow for 11 years but I have a man-friend (79-years old) who lives 165 miles away with the Cascades Mountains between us). So, I relate to many of your articles.




(April 22, 2018) “Roger seems like he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder.  So sad because otherwise he might be a great partner. Thank you Tom for your e-Newsletters and sharing conversations. It is very interesting and I look forward each Friday to receiving your email. I find it nice to hear all the different thoughts and appreciate your efforts.”




(April 15, 2018) “Thank you for what you do - it helps me. And I want to counter the person who wrote that your newsletter is error-prone. I am a careful reader and am often asked to review/edit other people's writing. I find your columns very well-written and I almost never see a grammatical or spelling error. Keep up the good work!”




(March 30, 2018) “You always have the best articles and you are always objective. that is so wonderful and makes for great articles.”




(March 9, 2018) “Every Friday, I look forward to reading your column that is better than therapy! Your advice is always wise and unbiased!


“Thank you for supporting me all these years after losing my husband seventeen years ago.”




(March 10, 2018) “At Costco, it’s easy to go broke saving money.


It makes sense—actually--for the markets to be a meeting place. I enjoy going to Costco just to get out of the house. Of course, I always end up spending more than I had planned: "All I needed was spinach, and, ended up spending $75" I've often said.




(March 3, 2018) “This column was amazing. Wow. Thank you for this great forum, Tom.”




(March 6, 2018) “I absolutely LOVE your eNewletters! I’ve learned so much from them and all the champs! Thanks so much for doing this Tom!”




(March 6, 2018) “Thank you for taking the time to share our life and knowledge with all your champs.”




(March 4, 2018) Tom - I read every word of this issue and found it fascinating. Good job!

Jack of All Trades



(March 3, 2018) “Thank you for the great service you do for us retirees and ‘seniors’ by writing this newsletter every week. We need this.”




(March 3, 2018) “Wow! I was most impressed and riveted by the responses of "The Champs" to Sally's dilemma--all thirty-five!   There was so much wisdom and intuitiveness in the Champs' perceptions.  We, as an aging group have so many experiences to share.



“And, lucky for us, your column offers first hand testimonials for what many of us have experienced and the collective wisdom we have acquired. You provide an invaluable service to all of us over whatever age they think as old.”




(March 3, 2018) “I value your column so much!”




(March 3, 2018) “This column was amazing. Wow. Thank you for this great forum, Tom.”




(2/25/18): Thanks for keeping us so excited on Friday to read your interesting articles with the morning coffee.

Mary Ann



(2/23/18) “I love your columns. They make us all think deeper. Thanks Tom for involving your fans’ opinions!”




“I have tears in my eyes from reading both parts of your newsletter (2/9/18). I love the story of how your book played a big part in the green card. I have your books, and it's just such a lovely story."



“Thank you so much for your newsletters; I enjoy them all, no matter what the subject.”




“This was a fun article to read (2/2/18).”




“Great eNewsletter today (2/2/18) on widows/widowers and their dating.  My wife died in 2010 and I have gone on a date a couple of times.  I teach fitness and am around many females daily and at age 74 am in good condition. I have lady friends and we do a lot of group activities together, but no one has peaked my interest yet and I am ok with that. No need to rush, if it happens or not my life goes on. Please keep up the good work, you provide a needed service to us folks.”




Great articles (1/15/2018), Tom.

Joanie, Torrance, Ca.



I'm married and enjoy reading the newsletter each week and appreciate that I don't have to participate in the single scene anymore. Your descriptions of places you travel are helpful. I hope to visit those countries someday.




Thanks so much for keeping this eNewsletter going … I have learned so much from you sharing your own experiences and those of us champs!




I want to meet my soul mate; I would like you to show me the way." Tom responded: “I can only steer you in a positive direction Nelly, you'll have to do some work yourself."




I've never been motivated to respond to a column until I read your recent one regarding convenient marriages. The circumstances of each marriage are varied and full of complications and obligations. If you've remained married for many years, unhappily, then the honest thing would have been to divorce. Work out a negotiation whereby the needier spouse is taken care of and move on with your life.




I read that last email from Steve just this week. You gave him some very good advice. I admire you very much.




My wife Pat and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in May. As I read your articles, I appreciate more and more the wonderful life that one can have with the right partner. For us, it just gets better all the time.  For you to share your work and life experiences with others by providing possible road maps to happiness is truly a worthwhile cause.




Tom, you are wonderful to do this for us senior singles.  Every story I read gives me insight into myself.




You are my GUARDIAN ANGEL. Thank you for invaluable life-saving information. Many seniors are in need of these other resources




You are a wealth of information and an inspiration to many seniors.




I've gotten what I need from your wonderful newsletter. And that is the knowledge that I'm okay and will be okay even if I don't have a man in my life. Thanks for being in my life when I obviously needed your newsletter. My goodness, I can't believe this is bringing me to tears."




Still haven't met anyone and am currently not even dating anyone. Sniff-what's a gal like me to do? Still, I enjoy reading your newsletter, that's why I subscribe.




My wife and I read your column because it reminds us to appreciate each other, and how good we have it as a couple. Dating today would be difficult.

Don, married 27 years



I'm a happily married long-time reader of your column-it's interesting and good advice for us married folks, too. The column reminds all of us to cherish those we love and to not take them for granted.




The personal experiences shared by your readers help me feel connected to other seniors. Your column reminds me of tactful ways to keep my own identity and boundaries.

Anne, 62, married



I married late and dated a lot beforehand. So, I'm interested in what singles are up against now.


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