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The Johnny Cash           $3.99

I Knew. A Kind &

Caring Man


Tom had the pleasure of working with Johnny Cash for two years in the 1970s. He got to know him well. He was with Johnny in all kinds of situations--in the House of Cash recording studio, backstage multiple times, in his Sahara Tahoe guest house, riding in limos, at dinner often in the author's Victoria Station restaurants, amongst hundreds of fans, performing live in San Quentin Prison--in places very few people were privileged to be with him. The author co-produced with Johnny an album of train songs. Johnny was always kind and considerate, a true gentleman. 

In the years since the author worked with him, he has read and seen many things that disparaged Cash's character and overplayed Johnny's addictions and behavior. The author never saw any evidence of that. The author felt the way Johnny was portrayed in the movie Walk the Line was a misrepresentation of the man he knew as Johnny Cash. 

He wrote this book to show the soft, mellow, kind side of this warm and loving man. 17 pictures are included in the text.

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