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Two women share dating knowledge

Brenda shares 5 tips on successful senior dating

Brenda, “About a year ago you wrote about me in a newsletter. I believe it was called 'Small Town Saturday Night' or something like that. Well, things have changed a bit for me. “I have met someone very special. We are completely open with one another. That doesn't mean we have rehashed what happened to us in our entire lives before we met but we do talk about the important things. We have agreed to put the past in the past and start our new lives together. “We are both from this community so we know lots of the same people. He's not what I thought I was looking for but he's everything I've ever wanted. We met several years ago and were a bit taken with one another but the timing was bad. He was newly divorced and I didn't want to deal with the issues that go with that. I wasn't widowed long so I guess I still had freshly packed baggage, too. “We met through friends. We ran into each other again at a get together and the sparks were stronger and demanded attention. We have been seeing each other for about a month and a half now. I can truly say I have never experienced this before. “There is so much I would like to say but will not take the time right now. He is 65 and I am 55. I was happy living alone but did not want to. We have no plans to marry right away but have discussed the subject. We will not live together unless we marry. Regardless of that, we are committed to one another and respect each other and our relationship.” Response from Tom: Yes, I did write about Brenda a year ago. She was dating a guy who had a woman friend. She was not happy about the situation. And I bit indecisive. Glad she found someone more suitable. She lives in a small Midwestern town. Regarding her email this week, I liked five particularly significant comments Brenda made. I repeat them below with a short statement from me: 1. “We have put the past in the past.” Great idea. Why dwell on the past? It’s the now and the future that are important. 2. “He's not what I thought I was looking for but he's everything I've ever wanted.” Great that Brenda has an open mind. 3' “The timing was bad.” When they met before, the timing wasn’t right. That is so important. And now, the timing is right. What is the saying: Timing is everything. 4. “We met through friends.” Still, in my opinion, the best way for older singles to meet. Networking. 5. “He is 65. I am 55.” An age difference doesn’t matter. It’s how you mesh that is important. ----------------------------------------------------

tame pelican in south america

This pelican doesn't fib about his age on his profile

Age honesty in senior dating profiles?

Champ Bobbi, “Your trips are always exciting to hear about as you and Greta are far more daring than most people our age. “I have to answer why some men and woman alter their age on dating sites. I have been taken for 10 years younger than my 79 years, which I attribute to staying active, slim and ballroom dancing. “However, my girlfriend talked me into joining her on the Plenty of Fish dating site. She also advised not to include my right age or I wouldn't receive any ‘hits.’ “She was right. No responses at all until I changed my info and age to 72. I have received many messages, some from men in their 40-50's? They must be nuts! “However, I've met a couple for coffee and guess what? They also experienced the same results and changed their ages too. Our pictures are recent and we look pretty good. And, we both told our true ages the first meeting and neither felt the other was dishonest. “So fellas, don't judge us too harshly; just look at the pics to make sure the year's dates are recent. “Hope my note explains and relieves your concerns.” Tom’s comment: Hard to believe that lowering one’s age by seven years in a profile can make such a difference in getting ‘hits.’ Bobbi says it worked for her. Hopefully, she will let us know in a couple of months whether she feels then the same about age fudging.

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