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So much for that idea

2017 On Life and Love after 50 Newsletter - December 1, 2017 So much for that idea As a journalist, social media marketer of sorts, and retired dude, I am always thinking of ways to help single people ages 50 to 80 by extending the reach of my writing. Before Greta and I left on our trip around South America, I came up with an angle that I felt might land me a third appearance on the Today show in New York City. I was interviewed on Today by Jack Ford in 1999 and interviewed on Today by Matt Lauer in 2001. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to be interviewed by Matt Lauer again. Not only do I remember the first interview (Link to the video is at end of this article), but I remember Greta and I being in the Green Room, where you hang out before the show, with other guests. One was author David McCullough. The other, John Lithgow, of 3rd Rock from the Sun, and many other achievements. Greta and I even ordered three copies of McCullough’s new book (at that time), John Adams, directly from him. They arrived in the mail a couple of weeks later. With the Today show now reaching some five million viewers each day, if I got on the show, I would be able to sell some of my dating and relationship books that are being stored in the garage. I said to myself “Aim high.”

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Aim High This past August, I called the show’s switchboard in NYC to get the name and address of the show’s executive producer. I drafted a letter to him, but decided not to send it until Greta and I returned from our trip. I didn’t want to blow an opportunity to appear if the producer contacted me when we were at sea off the coast of Chile, for example. Sometimes, major talk shows decide at the last minute to bring guests on, and if you’re selected, you need to drop everything and boogie to NYC. Now that we are home, getting a letter off to the executive producer was at the top of my “to-do” list for early December. My pitch was going to be that in 2001, I had been on the Today show, and interviewed on Today by Matt Lauer. At that time, Matt’s opening question to me was “Has dating changed for people over 50?” Then, he and I talked about the changes. Now, 17 years later, having written more than 3,500 columns and newsletters on dating after 50, I felt it would be interesting for viewers to hear how dating has changed in the last 17 years, and again be interviewed by Matt. I thought it was a clever idea. Matt could just ask the same questions. In the 2001 interview, I talked about dating after 50. Now, I write about dating after 60, 70, 80, and yes 90 (hello, my friend Les Jones), which is one of the major changes. Other modern-day changes: Internet dating has exploded, scammers exploit singles, people use Skype to chat, people fib on their profiles and people break up by text message. But, my plan to make another run at a Today show appearance got derailed Wednesday morning, before I even mailed the pitch letter to the show’s producer. Matt was terminated after 24 years on the show as co-anchor, for allegations of sexual misconduct. I guess we will hear details as time goes on. Initial details came yesterday morning, according to this emailed Breaking News Alert from The Boston Globe newspaper: “In his first statement since he was fired as co-host of ‘Today’ by NBC News following allegations of sexual misconduct, Matt Lauer acknowledged the damage he caused and said repairing it ‘will take a lot of time and soul searching.’ “Today co-host Savannah Guthrie read Lauer’s statement Thursday morning at the top of the broadcast. The statement claimed, ‘some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized,’ but admitted, ‘there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” When couples meet, timing is everything. Same thing when pitching an appearance on a major network talk show. And since I won’t be spending money on airfare to NYC anytime soon, I can pass those savings on to our Champs. Check out the bookstore page on the website. Pick out any book or books there, take 60 percent off the listed price, (I will cover tax and shipping), and then email me. We will make arrangements that way. Personalized books make nice Christmas gifts for yourself or your single friends; I will endorse and personalize each one. And, since my Big-Apple idea got crunched, if you have any promotion suggestions, send them along as well. Here is the link to videos of Tom’s TV appearances, including Part 1 and Part 2 of the 2001 Matt Lauer interview.

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