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India and Nepal - Part 2 - 2016

Tom and Greta at Taj Mahal in Agra

Part 2- Trip to India and Nepal Greta and I are in the 2nd half of our trip. We are in Kathmandu, Nepal, for three days and will be moving to some remote locations today. We will return home December 1. The highlight of our India visit was going to the Taj Mahal. But, there were so many other things about India that were also highlights that I will post them to our Travel After website after we get back home. Kathmandu, Nepal, is a large bustling city. It is most often thought of as the gateway to the Himalayan Mountains, in particular, Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world at 29,028 feet. Our tour group of 13 people opted to take a one-hour flight to view the mountains up close.

Buddha Air Turbo Prop charter that flew us along Himalayans

Buddha Air flies alongside mountains to see up close.

Mt Everest from airplane--photo taken by Tom

Each one of us got to spend a minute in the cockpit with the pilots to enjoy the pano view. Above is a picture of Everest taken from the side window, not the cockpit window.

Buddha Air cockpit--each of us got one minute to view the mountains on this special charter

Later, our group sat crossed-legged on a floor cushion and were blessed at a Buddhist Temple, which was located adjacent to the Great Boudha Stupa, one of the most majestic temples in the world. Below, the eyes of Buddha, at the Great Stupa:

Majestic - The Great Boudha Stupa in Kathmandu

Two young women who sold us some small gifts--they had never heard of California More details next week

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