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Are senior men afraid of commitment? Some men will never settle until the right woman comes along.

October 31, 2016

Are senior men afraid of commitment? Kathryn--formerly from Philadelphia, now living in California--thinks that's the case.


She wrote, "Oftentimes, men are not looking for a LTR (long- term relationship) or a committed relationship, but an occasional movie/dinner date. They are attentive, show gentlemanly behavior while on date, but the end result is they might take a month before they ring you again. 


"Is this the nature of the 'beast' in the dating world today, or is it more indigenous to California singles?" 

And you thought you have it bad. Why do people settle for relationship train wrecks

October 16, 2016

Last week's column about breakup signals and the importance of effective communication between couples resulted in a variety of responses.


Perhaps there were areas within the column that tapped pent-up feelings individuals have wanted to express for some time. Here are some of the more poignant comments, each followed by a remark by me.


Lee, "Many people, apparently mostly women, are deluded into thinking people in our age bracket can change easily, this is not the case. In many instances the man is listening, but we are too set in our ways (to change).

Don't Settle

October 16, 2016

For women, meeting eligible men to date gets harder as time passes by. With each year, there are fewer single men in the dating pool. When a man enters a woman's life, filling a void, it can be difficult for her to dismiss him as a potential partner when he doesn't measure up to what she is worthy of.

It can be tempting but women should never settle.


The same applies to men. Some want so desperately to gain security or have a relationship they may not care about compatibility. 


Today, two women describe situations they got themselves into. This is a tale of two women who refuse to settle.

Responses to A woman willing to settle

October 16, 2016

There are approximately 2,500 Champs who subscribe to this "On Life and Love After 50" newsletter. Each week, new subscribers sign up, and some subscribers drop out.


The newsletter is a pretty great place to get advice. A person writes with a question or a problem and then listens to what our Champs have to say. Often 50 or more Champs respond, as happened last week. Where else can you get complimentary advice from such a diverse group of knowledgeable, mature singles?

A woman willing to settle

October 16, 2016

I've written columns about love after 50 for 23 years--more than 3,500 overall. You would think I've heard it all during that stretch of time, but almost weekly, someone surprises me with a new twist. This week was no exception. The words, “I won’t settle” don’t apply.


Jo wrote, "I met someone at work. We have been dating for six months and it's going well (I no longer work at the same place).

"In the beginning, I fell in love with him, but he tells me that he is not in love with me. I have no choice but to accept this feeling. I am willing to settle.

Don't Settle, but she already is

October 16, 2016

Sue wrote, "I have written many letters to you over the past few years but I never sent one of them. I always chickened out, feeling like my relationship could never be accurately explained and understood by others. I promised myself that you will get this one!


"I would greatly appreciate your opinion about my current relationship. I am 53, successful in my career, three grown children, take care of myself to look healthy and attractive, and own my home.  

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