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Positive attitude in senior dating

October 02, 2016

Last week, our topic was what I considered to be the most important issue for older singles to understand: "Where are the men?"


This week, based upon the responses, I write about the second most important issue: the importance of a positive attitude in senior dating. Nearly every response (not all) revealed a positive attitude from our Champs. I have included a mix of the responses today.

Attitude important even on New Year's Eve

September 18, 2016

The origin of today’s newsletter began with a woman’s question: “What do you recommend doing for New Years Eve if you are a single living in Laguna Niguel?” The question was asked in a previous year in early December. I get the same question or a similar one every year.

The reason I am including this article in September, 2016, is it illustrates the importance of attitude in senior dating. To be successful in dating and in life, senior singles need positive attitudes.

Writing About Mid-Life Dating From The Man’s Perspective

August 04, 2016

I have been writing about mid-life dating from the man’s perspective for years. Women tell me they appreciate reading a man’s perspective because most people who write about love at mid-life are women. Occasionally, I irritate a woman with something I write and then I hear about it.

Such was the case with Laguna Niguel resident, Silvia.

In the comments section two weeks ago, this ran:

“Margie, age 75, Rancho Santa Margarita: ‘I’ve been divorced 30 years. It took me years to acquire my comfortable home, to realize I’m important and valuable and I will not throw these things away to pick up any man’s dirty socks, cook and watch him click the remote control.’”

Single men’s advice to single women

August 04, 2016

Most single men and women over 50 have experienced the frustrations and realities of dating after divorce or the loss of a spouse. Recently, in response to various newsletters and newspaper columns, single men have responded with advice for single women:

Here are nine items men have recently shared.

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