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Senior Dating Success Stories from 2006 with updates

By Tom P Blake - Finding Love after 50

Nothing pleases me more than to hear from older singles that they’ve met someone. Many meet online. Seniors meet in unexpected places such as at the vet or in stores. In today’s newsletter, we even hear of two women who met men after relocating to new areas of the country.

Today’s stories are proof that having a positive attitude and a zest for life can pay off in more than an enriched life. You just may stumble across a mate also. Take note, these women are from all over the USA and most felt they'd never meet someone.

I’ve written about Audrey before. She moved from New Jersey--because of the cost of living and the cold winters—to Georgia and met a man there. They live in separate homes, and have a great relationship. Had Audrey not had the will to seek a better life, she wouldn’t have met her new beau.

Pat moved from Orange County, Ca (a very expensive place, I know, I live there) to Prescott, Az., a year and a half ago. She had met a man in the OC before moving. He moved to Az to be with her. Pat said, “I love it here. The air is so clean & the skies so blue they are almost blinding. And, there is not so much traffic and hurry to get places.” Pat had the nerve to move and it has paid off.

Marilyn in Massachusetts has been a subscriber to this newsletter for years. She often joked about single life in Medford where she lived. Then she dropped this email on me in February, “As Valentine’s Day rolls around, I find myself in a wonderful relationship. No more Marilyn in Medford.” She met him on and moved to be with him.

Last autumn, Jan from Columbus, Ohio, shared with me her boyfriend woes. It seemed the man in her life let me down often. In February, Jan wrote, “I have met a very nice man on the internet. My friend Emily says he’s ‘the one’ for me. Emily is never wrong.” So Jan’s on the road to happiness. Oh, her subscription to was to expire 19 dates later, and she wasn’t going to renew.

And then there’s Pat from Shickshinny, Pa. Recently, Pat emailed, “I met a wonderful man 12 months ago on (I went to that site as sort of a joke, a girlfriend had just bought a motorcycle.) He and I started to write, met for lunch, and hit if off while talking for three hours.”

Now Pat, 66, and Len, 62, can’t wait until the weather clears so they can hop on his motorcycle and visit areas of the United States they haven’t seen. Update in 2016. Pat and Len are still together, 10 years later.

Last week, Gayle, Las Vegas, emailed, “Met a gentleman on the first of the year. I had been working on finding someone for about 18 months after a nasty divorce. My new man had met about 20 women through the year and told my friends his dog looked better than the ones he’d met. We married in two months and couldn’t be happier.”

Jane Ann, Michigan, met a man also on who lives only 20 miles away from her. “We just returned from three weeks in South Africa, and were in Egypt in September. We plan lots of trips as money allows.”

Barb also packed up and moved from Orange County. But she moved to Massachusetts. She had exchanged emails with a man in New England on a catholic site but had never met him. After moving, they met for coffee at Starbucks. “Wouldn’t you know it, just your typical Southern California beach gal moves across the country, is greeted by a blizzard (38”), meets a handsome New England man, and the rest is living history.”

Update on Barb: She married him. But, it didn’t work out. There was a difficult divorce. Don’t make move-in or marriage decisions too soon.

Gloria, 55, St. Louis, was on Yahoo! Personals when Edward made contact. “We’re both ‘old’ hippies, so from the beginning we made a connection. He’s a retired college professor, who now ‘dabbles’ in real estate and I’m a RN in the ER of a local hospital. We talk about moving in together at some point but we’re happy with things as they are at the moment.”

Keep on trucking, biking, and hiking, there are singles out there like you who would love to meet a nice mate. Don’t be afraid to shake up your life once in a while. You never know when opportunity might creep through the back door (or down the chimney).

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