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On Life And Love After 50 Newsletter – December 2015

By Tom P Blake - Finding Love after 50

Romance Scam update


Two weeks ago, we mentioned three romance scams to be aware of. I wrote that I didn't think the information would be very helpful to our group because most of you are too savvy to get taken in by a scam. One of our Champs bravely responded with how she got taken. She said:


"I was scammed a few months ago with a 'mystery shopper' scam. I signed up to be online (I knew someone who had done this). I was sent $998 in postal money orders which I cashed at my bank.


"My instructions were to send $775 to someone in Dallas using Walmart's money-wiring system. Then, I was to report how hard/easy that was. And, I was asked to evaluate the ladies' restroom!


"So, I did all that. Turns out the money orders were bogus. I lost the $775, which I cannot afford to lose as I am a senior. Even with two college degrees, I was scammed. That makes me feel stupid as hell.


"It makes me very sad that people are so mean."


Tom's comment: Yes people are mean. But we've got to remember that any offers dealing with free or easy money are a huge red flag. It's best to avoid them all. Anytime you wire someone money, it's gone, gone, gone.


At least the ladies' restroom at Walmart got a high grade.


In another case that happened this year, I have a friend who is a very shrewd business man. He runs a retail business and watches it like a hawk. One day he got a phone call saying that his grandson had been in an accident and before life-saving surgery could be performed, the hospital needed $4,000 wired to it. And the boy's life was on the line; time was of the essence.


He couldn't get to Western Union fast enough. Off the money went. It was a hoax.


The Holidays bring out strong emotions in people. A spirit of giving and feeling how blessed we are prevails. Good people are vulnerable to scammers offering deals. And scammers know this, so during the Holidays these scams are particularly plentiful.


It's ok to give money to family and loved ones, but do so because you want to, not because you think you will make a little extra dinero on the side.

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