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Is Dating when a spouse has Alzheimer's acceptable? Particularly when the spouse has been institutionalized for years, and no longer recognizes the spouse. Is it ok for that person’s spouse to seek comfort in a relationship?

January 22, 2017

When a spouse has Alzheimer's disease, and is committed to an institution, and no longer recognizes her or his spouse, and it's been going on for years, is it ok for that person's spouse to seek comfort in a relationship?


Ed said, "My wife has early onset Alzheimer's disease, a beautiful woman age 59, whom I love very much. She is mentally gone now, doesn't know me or anyone else and sleeps much of the day.


"We traveled to Israel and Hawaii in 2007, and it was clear to me at that time that our traveling days were over. The rapid onset since has been very discouraging; she has been in assisted living for two years.

Dating when a spouse has Alzheimer's

October 02, 2016

Dating when one of the persons involved has a spouse who has Alzheimer's is a complicated topic.


Karen emailed, "I am in a relationship with a wonderful man whose wife has had Early Onset Alzheimer's for five years. She is still at home, and he takes very good care of her, I would not be seeing him if he didn't take good care of her.


"She is on a waiting list for a room in a lovely new nursing home (NH). This week she is going into the NH for a respite 10 days. The respite is for him mainly, and for her to become familiar with the NH.

Senior dating issues: Dating when a spouse has Alzheimer's?

August 21, 2016

One of the most difficult and controversial senior relationship topics that readers bring up is dating when the spouse of one of the two people has Alzheimer’s.

A Southern California woman wrote, “I am dating a man whose wife has Alzheimer's and is very well cared for in an expensive facility. He visits her daily, sometimes as much as three times a day. They had a 35-year marriage in which he raised her children, and he considers them equally his own.

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