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Widower poem by David Southworth

The following poem is the property of David Southworth, a widower living in Clare, Michigan. It is published with David's permission. David can be contacted at

David's poem was first published in 2002. He remains my friend and he is now 80 years old. His poem is being included in the new Finding Love After 50 website in 2016. Contact him, he is a wonderful man


Somewhere waiteth in this world of ours
One lone soul to find another.

Destiny strolled into my life
Like a spring rain
Conceiving a rainbow.

My life was changed forever.
Your love fondling my heart...
Like feeding a dry desert.
Discovering true love, a gift for eternity.
The sands of time are divine.

You strolled into my life

To share treasures great and small.
On golden sands and crystal brooks
Of English gardens and pebble paths
Of verdant flowers and morning dew.


And all the beautiful
Belongings inside of me...
That no one else had looked...
Quite far enough to find.


My heart swells
As I think to waken
Loves labor won
with you, my life
My everything ....

To reach to touch you
And you're not there,
Is almost more
Then I can bear.

And now in our eternal dreams
Our spirits intermingle and enfold...
Each choosing each.

Together we will overcome
The heart pain and clouded brow
This brief life moment
In the sands of time.

Seven years with you
God's precious gift
A brief milestone
To be yet a lifetime.

Sometimes we must stand
In the deepest shadow
To see the clearest light.

The gossamer clouds that cover the sunshine
Can never eclipse its unceasing light.

Like a spring rain
Conceiving a rainbow
Preserving the light of the sun...
The earth shines even brighter
When the rains of time are done.

And those who have never know sorrow
Can not know the infinite release
That descends on the grieving spirit
When at last it gains eternal peace.

David Southworth

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