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Single Senior Women: Avoid Dating Jerks


By Tom P Blake – Finding Love after 50

This is a plea to single senior women: Avoid getting involved with cheaters womanizers and jerks.

Recently, I received two emails from single senior women who got involved with jerks and womanizers. They agreed to share their stories but wanted only their first names used.

Jennifer described dating a neighbor. "He came on strong, spent lots of time with me. When I stayed at his house the first time, we were awoken by a 5:30 a.m. call from a woman. He claimed it was a wrong number.

When she called again at 7 a.m., I left his house. A few days later, I knocked on his door, and there was a woman on his living room floor. Then there was his ‘family friend’ who stayed for a long weekend."

Jennifer said she got involved because she was "dangerously attracted" to him. Remember the movie "Fatal Attraction?" Dangerous attractions – where you follow your hormones instead of your head – are no-no's.

He was a player and a jerk; Jennifer was foolish.

Two lessons here: Don't get involved with a womanizer. Dating a neighbor or co-worker is very risky because if it doesn’t work out, you will still see each other because of the proximity. 

And this from Diane: "I had a second date with a guy I'd met at the gym. When he kissed me goodnight, he asked, what I was expecting from him. I said I didn't want my tender heart broken.

"He told me he had slept with about 200 women, and that once he was intimate with each one, he got bored in a couple of weeks and dumped them."

Diane then tried to convince this guy that she was the exceptional woman who could satisfy him and he would not get bored with her. Did she believe that she had something that the other 200 women didn’t?

She should have bowed out when he bragged of his 200 conquests. Aside from the probability of him having a sexually transmitted disease, a guy like that will always have a roving eye and is a super jerk.

Many intelligent women don't walk away from jerks when they should. They're eternal optimists; loneliness clouds their thinking; or they have strange attractions to evil men. They think they can fix the world and the flakes they meet.

Diane should move on until a more sensible, caring, considerate and thoughtful man comes along (they do exist). And if one doesn't, she should not compromise her values or her pride. Being single is far better than being in a relationship with a cheater, player or jerk.

Single senior women should trust their instincts and protect their health.

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