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When two people meet, a lack of chemistry is a deal breaker. No chemistry usually means no relationship.  That is the case today.

By Tom P Blake Finding Love After 50

CJ, "I recently met a man online; we exchanged a few e-mails before agreeing to meet at a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. In the next four weeks, we went on four more dates--a conservatory, art festival, sporting event, and then to dinner. 
"About a week and a half later, I got an e-mail from him saying he didn't feel the connection/chemistry was there and didn't want to see me anymore. 
"I haven't e-mailed him back and wonder if I should. I really did like him and thought there definitely was chemistry. Is there a next move on my part and any chance of seeing him again?"
Tom's response: Been there, done that (on the receiving end). It's hard to figure. Not much you can do. My suggestion: One, don't respond and see if he rethinks his decision. It's a good strategy but may not work, so be prepared to have that be it. When there is no chemistry, there isn’t much chance for a relationship.
Or you could write him and say you are happy he feels that way, that's what you were thinking also. This is game playing but so what?

Do not write him and tell him how much you care. Forget that.

Or (another game), tell him you inherited a million bucks and had planned to take him to Europe, first class all the way, but an old boyfriend just showed up and you're taking him instead. 

Be thankful it was only a month. Sure, it hurts, but it was only four dates; you'll bounce back quickly. If it wasn't meant to be, there's nothing you can do.

As the saying goes, “He just not into you.”

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