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Marrying a widower can work out. Widower's wife loves her man. Dating a widower can work out.

By Tom P Blake - Finding Love after 50

Melissa, "I married a widower and it's the best thing I ever did! 


"Patience is important when marrying a widower. Were there problems to work out? YES!! It has taken me two years to make their home OURS. I even had to help send his late wife's belongings to charities- after rejecting his offer that I could use some of her things! 

"I would strongly advise moving into a house the two of you can call yours- otherwise it will always be 'hers.' Our situation was complicated by a 26-year-old daughter who had grown up in this home! I started feeling like a bull in a china shop as I finally-determinedly--made the house over and put my stamp as the WIFE on it. 
"And yet, even when we still vacation at 'their' timeshare condo, or my husband and I tend 'her' rose garden, or I work downstairs in 'her' craft room, I adore this man... for the love he has for me and still has for her, all the things they shared and her 'teaching' him to be a great husband. 
"I am the very lucky recipient of a man who spent 26 loving years in a great relationship with a wonderful wife who was gracious enough to tell him before her death that she wanted him to find another lucky lady to share the remainder of his life! 
"Give me the baggage of a widower any day over the pitfalls a divorced man!"  

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