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Older Single Woman Unhappy

Older singles think finding love after 50 is difficult. An older single woman explains what's wrong with the older single men she's met.

A woman reader wrote: "I like men a lot, and I have a positive attitude about life. I just haven't run across any man who is single, who I would consider having a long-term relationship with, let alone marry."

And then she listed the reasons why. "I haven't met a man over 50 and single who:

-has gone back to school simply to enjoy a class in a subject he's interested in

-knows anything about fine music or art

-enjoys reading a book

-is passionate about anything other than sports, and perhaps his adult children by his first or second marriage

-does volunteer work to help make this world a better place

-knows anything about what's going on in the world other than to complain about U.S. politics and how they affect him financially

-doesn't watch far too much TV

-will attend a concert or play alone."

She added other reasons. "Older single men demand that no matter what age women are, women must be pretty and 'have kept themselves up.' On the other hand, men can put on a lot of weight, and it's not supposed to matter to older single women."

And this: "They don't want wives/intimate companions; they want 'antidotes to loneliness,' housekeepers, cooks, and a warm body in bed. Oh yes, and women can't be too 'demanding.'"

She added, "Men's communication skills don't improve with age."

And then she eased up on us poor guys a bit. "I don't expect to meet a man who embodies all of my needs and wants; it's ridiculous to expect the 'perfect man.'"

But then she got on us again by quickly adding, "(although men do expect the 'perfect woman')."

"I'm far too happy being single and much too busy enjoying life to 'settle' for a man who doesn't have any of them. I'm not going to meet a man I want to marry at a singles' dance. I'm going to meet him in college or in volunteer organizations. Perhaps a library, bookstore or discussion group," she said.

She stated that she met her second husband at a discussion group and married him 20 days later. For being so picky, she sure judged him quickly. They divorced in two and a half years. He probably didn't have enough of those qualities she now demands.

The questions are: Will any man ever be up to her standards? Will any man care to be?

And we wonder why dating and finding love after 50 is so difficult.

I know we older single men aren't perfect, but gee, can you blame us for wanting a warm body in bed, even if it's an older single woman?

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