Single Again

Single Again. Author and columnist Tom Blake's dating information and advice for widowers, widows, divorced men, divorced women, middle-aged singles and senior singles who are dating again and hope to meet a mate. See bottom of this page to sign up for Tom's free weekly e-mailed column.

"Single Again" column debuts in San Clemente (Calif) "Sun Post News"

Let me squelch the rumor right up
front: I wasn't run out of Dana Point-
where I lived for 13 years--by middle
aged single women who have read
my "Middle Age Relationships"
columns over the past seven years.

This month, I moved to San Clemente.
The Sun Post News asked me to write
for them. The topic: dating for older
singles, widows, widowers and divorced

Besides the 365-weekly columns I've written,
my "Single Again" column appears in
the Orange County (Calif) Register Accent Section.
Twice, I've appeared on NBC's Today
Show as an expert on dating after 50,
most recently, on May 22 (2001).

I've written two books, "Finding Love After
50" and "Middle Aged and Dating Again."
Both available on this website.

Most of us didn't plan to be single again at
this stage in our lives. We were married,
and then we lost our spouse through
divorce or death.

Because we didn't prepare for single
life, we don't know where to begin or how
to get back out there. The most frequently
asked question I hear is: "Where do I go
to meet somebody?" At our age, there's
no easy answer.

Our situation is compounded because
we're gripped with loneliness. Plus, we're
so set in our ways that finding somebody
compatible is a challenge.

If you're single, this column will remind
you that you aren't alone. In Orange County,
there are nearly a half million of us over
age 45. Most would like to have a mate.

The column isn't only for older singles. Many
married people read it with interest; they
know their situations could change overnight.
Judy Barr, Dana Point, said, "Your column
makes me realize how lucky I am to have such
a fantastic relationship with my husband."

Widowers and widows seek dating information,
after they've healed and want to get on with
their lives.

I write from the man's perspective, which
is somewhat unusual, because most relationship
stuff is written by women. But, I present
both sides-men's and women's-still,
you won't always agree. Joyce Mason,
San Juan Capistrano, stopped me in
Costco last week, and said, "I don't
always agree with what you write."

This column is about life, yours, even
mine. The more personal the better. I encourage
your comments, stories, and reactions.

Each column will end with reader
comments, and my responses. Upcoming
events and places to go for singles are
also included. For example, Cari, single,
age 53, a San Clemente resident, wrote: "A lot of
people go to the Pier for happy hour. Not so much
for the booze, but for the $3.00 dinner."

Let's have fun. Participate. We want to
hear from you. I hope you're thinking:
"Finally, a voice for older singles."

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